In a retail world that keeps changing, businesses must stay ahead of the curve. Mod. Merchant is your resource for your business' opportunities and growth in today's contemporary world.


Mod. Merchant’s mission is to identify and deliver growth opportunities that connect your business success with your client’s goals by creating excitement in the evolving retail industry.

To improve the golden moment of opportunity and catch the good that is within our reach is the great art of life.
— Samuel Johnson


Mod. Merchant helps retailers and wholesalers discover opportunities, develop a strategic plan for making them happen today, and build a foundation for future growth.

Mod. Merchant provides retail and wholesale expertise, an unrivaled understanding of today's market, and most importantly, a passion for the retail industry. We partner with our clients to understand individual needs and goals, create a recommendation for success, and deliver customized opportunities for growth.

Mod. Merchant loves change and thrives in today's dynamic market, always looking for the next idea, trend, product, or opportunity to increase sales and profitability for your business.     

What makes mod. merchant different?


  • Success is measured through results – not through ideas, strategies, effort, or time.

  • It starts with defining the ROI together, so you know what you’re getting up front.  Whether it’s increasing sales, finding new customer, developing new partnerships, launching new product lines, or something else – we’ll deliver. 

Deliberate strategies that capitalize on your niche & your customer

  • The complex challenge of figuring out what your customer wants can’t be ignored - your business depends heavily on their engagement, loyalty, and connection to your product.

  • We always keep your customer’s needs and values, as well as consideration for where the market is headed, front of mind – making sure your business is positioned for maximum success.

partnerships for navigating retail's unchartered waters

  • Being unsure of where retail is going is no reason to panic - acts of desperation, only tarnish your reputation and confidence. Instead, you need strong relationships, with open collaboration and idea sharing, where you’re working together to figure it out – and it starts with our partnership.

  • Mod. Merchant is flexible to your dynamic business, timelines, and needs, as we work together on developing your brand and growing your sales and profitability.

Unique & customized solutions that leverage your strengths 

  • The big box solutions that worked in the past won’t position your business for today’s “weird” retail climate – we’re forced to think differently, with modern and creative ideas. But putting it all together by yourself can be overwhelming and distracting.

  • Rather than getting stuck on what you “don’t have,” we’ll focus on what you do have through listening and learning about your business – then identify the most appropriate opportunities, and deliver you with modern solutions guaranteed to grow your brand.


We operate under a few key values at Mod. Merchant.  We believe that these values define our organization and we want to share them with you in the hopes that you can gain a better understanding of who we are and what we represent.      

  • Collaboration

  • Customer Focus

  • Responsibility

  • Trust 

  • Honesty

  • Fun

Mod. Merchant offers a range of services to move your business forward.  See how we can help you.