Retail Rundown: Spring '18 Edition

Ahhh spring is on its way and what better way to celebrate than to share a few of my favorite articles from around the web. Ranging from retail news, management insights and trends, and a few to make your life a little easier. 

  1. Is the seasonless trend really a trend? Or is it an entirely new way of looking at branding, delivery timing, social media, and customer experience. I vote the 2nd one...

  2. Do you feel like you spend your entire day going to one unproductive meeting after the next. Here is why AND how to make sure it doesn't happen again.

  3. Not all customers are created the same. Get to know a few (BIG) difference between Millennials and Gen Z.

  4. Nordstrom is making some big tech investments and looks ready to zero in on their customer's experience.

  5. Nike has always been a global market leader. Their next big moves - social responsibility & sustainability.

  6. Want to know why some people naturally seem to accomplish more? A new personality framework, The Four Tendencies, categorizes people into four distinct groups according to how we respond to expectations. Take the quiz to identify which tendency you align to.

  7. 14 new brands to discover before everyone else does.

  8. A peek inside a teeny, tiny Target.

  9. A PSA to get your week off on the right foot.

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