THAT time of year is rapidly approaching - the whirlwind that starts the day after Halloween and ramps up over the course of November, pausing with an absolute moment of frenzy on Black Friday, and then generally a straight shot upward to the end of December. It’s almost here – The Holidays. 

Retailers are gearing up for the holiday season. Soon, the stores will have all the new and exciting programs, trends, and products on display – creating the perfect window of opportunity for you to size up the competition and find that ever so profitable whitespace inspiration. 

The next few weeks are critical to your business because they are the difference between having another average year (if you’re lucky), and having a mind blowing 2019. This time of year is the absolute game changer to ensure a successful 2019 for your business, and if you aren’t taking advantage you are guaranteed to miss out on sales, margin, and growth.

Since The Holidays are EVERYTHING in retail, we want to make sure that you’re covered. To keep your strategies on point this holiday season, we are launching a new service - our JEWELRY WHITESPACE BREAKDOWN - 2018 HOLIDAY PACKAGE, a comprehensive competitive and whitespace analysis for you team, specifically for the fashion jewelry category.

Why You’ll Want Our Jewelry WhiteSpace Breakdown…  

How is it different than what your team already does?:

I’ve been in the game a long time. I’m sure you already have your Creative Director or Lead Designer schedule a time for competitive shopping – and that’s great! But the Jewelry Whitespace Breakdown – 2018 Holiday Package is completely different. It goes beyond shiny objects, rainbows & butterflies, and cool-girl trends. Instead, you’ll receive insights and perspective through the eyes of a Merchant – with specialized expertise and know-how when it comes to identifying big picture jewelry trends, strategic recommendations, and of course whitespace gaps.  

We’ve all sat through trend presentations that have tons of gorgeous inspiration for designers to get thoroughly excited and inspired - only to have their hearts broken when they hear, “it’s pretty but not salable”. This service is different. It’s about bringing all the different aspects together – today’s designs, future trends, merchandising perspective, and salability. 

It’s about time that JEWELRY got a little love of it’s own.

Why is it that the most intricate, challenging, and trend forward category gets the least amount of love when it comes to dedicated time spent and recommendations on trend presentations? Apparel doesn’t change that much, particularly for the holiday timeframe (“Sweaters anyone?”), but jewelry is a moving target with more gift giving options than ever before. Let’s start giving it the respect and strategy it deserves.

Time goes by QUICK during the holiday season. The prime window between stores setting up holiday floor sets through broken sold through assortments is fleeting. Not to mention, organizing the team to get ‘on out there is an impossible task - between finding the time on the calendars, getting out to the stores, pulling together a recap, and actually reviewing it together before the season would be a holiday miracle. 

Here are a few of the ‘must have’ reasons to buy:

  • See how your product line compared this year and who did it better

  • A competitive advantage for your brand or line by getting Holiday 2018 feedback from an experienced merchant who knows how to poke a hole in any assortment

  • Inspire your design and merchandising team for Holiday 2019 development

  • Give your sales team the intel and whitespace strategies to go after new accounts and address their specific needs

  • Showcase salable whitespace opportunities to expand your business with key accounts and grow your sales and profit margin

What Our Jewelry WhiteSpace Breakdown - 2018 Holiday Package includes?  

here is exactly what You’ll get:

  • Examination of the Fashion Jewelry competitive landscape within stores such as:

    • Luxury stores like Bloomingdales and Nordstrom

    • Department stores like Macy’s and JCPenney’s

    • Big box stores like Kohl’s & Target

    • Specialty stores like Francesca’s & Charming Charlie’s

    • and Direct to Consumer brands like Bauble Bar

  • Compare & contrast the following found within each Fashion Jewelry assortment: 

    • Trends and “Big Ideas”

    • Key Categories and Giftables 

    • Key Price Points & Promotions

    • Inspiring Packaging Concepts

    • Overall Strengths and Weaknesses

    • Special Black Friday BONUS analysis including sales driving products, packaging, and promotions 

  • Identify gaps in retailers’ assortment and define whitespace opportunities that will:

    • Lead to new product ideas that will get your customers excited to shop (and buy)

    • Foster new sales initiatives with opportunities for new account growth and incremental sales

    • Future orders increasing your sales and margin

  • Webinar Bonus discussion to review the presentation together and I’ll answer questions

  • Timing of your Jewelry WhiteSpace Breakdown:

    • Research to take place throughout the month of November, capping off with a Black Friday Bonus

    • Your copy will be delivered to your email inbox, bright and early, by 7 am CDT Monday, November 26th

    • Webinar Bonus review and discussion to take place at noon CDT on Wednesday, November 28th

Who Will Benefit From Our Jewelry WhiteSpace Breakdown?

Our report is for:

  • WHOLESALERS that specialize in the Fashion Jewelry category and are:

    • Ready for strategies that drive sales and position your line for a profitable 2019

    • In search of whitespace sales opportunities for their current key retail accounts

    • Looking for whitespace sales ideas to break into new accounts at all levels of retail from luxury, department, mass, specialty, and direct to consumer

  • RETAILERS that want to see how this year’s Fashion Jewelry assortments compared in the market’s and how their’s stacked up.

  • DESIGNERS in search of beautiful baubles, Fashion Jewelry inspiration from across the market, and are ready to get a jump on designing next year’s assortment

  • Anyone who is looking for a fresh perspective on this year’s Holiday Fashion Jewelry assortment through the eyes of an experienced merchant and product manager

  • Anyone who specializes in the Fashion Jewelry category is ready to gain an advantage over their competition

  • Anyone who just didn’t have quite enough time, support, or team know how to get out and shop the marketplace during the holidays

What You'll Get With Our Jewelry WhiteSpace Breakdown?

We'll give you everything you need to ensure success for holiday 2019:

  • EXPERTISE - An experienced merchant and product manager with over a decade of competitive shopping expertise and whitespace identification in the jewelry industry.

  • A FRESH PERSPECTIVE - Year after year of watching the same retailers, brands, and trends can lead to lack of innovation and inspiration. Get a fresh perspective from a retail expert passionate about analyzing the market and delivering new sales driving opportunities for your business or brand.

  • TIME - The holidays move FAST and it’s easy to loose track of priorities, time, and your team’s vacation days. Instead of freaking out that you didn’t get out to shop the stores enough, purchasing our Jewelry WhiteSpace Breakdown will give you the ‘gift of time’ to let us do the heavy lifting for you.

  • TOOLS - A robust recap that is yours to reference when you are ready to start your Holiday 2019 strategy and development.

  • PEACE OF MIND - Knowing that you’ll have a competitive and whitespace analysis coming your way no matter what chaos pops up in the next few weeks (and you know it will).

  Jewelry WhiteSpace Breakdown - 2018 Holiday Edition

Jewelry WhiteSpace Breakdown - 2018 Holiday Edition

Are you ready to get your copy of our Jewelry WhiteSpace Breakdown and get clarity on this year’s biggest whitespace opportunities?

If you order before Black Friday, you’ll receive a 20% discount!

So what are you waiting for??

No Seriously…What Are You Waiting For?

If comp shopping is a huge game changer, and you know that it is, for your business, what are you waiting for? Why aren’t you getting out there TODAY?? 

I’ve heard all the reasons before, so allow me to tackle the most common ones out there and argue the case to stop with the excuses and just get it done.

"I’ve got a team to handle our comp shopping”

Of course you do and I’m sure that they do a great job, but there is always room for more. Whoever said that having more information, inspiration, and ideas is a bad thing? Another eye of an expert, a fresh perspective, or little extra support to ensure that your are shopping and seeing all there is to see during the holidays. As a former buyer and product manager I love a beautifully inspired merchandising presentation with pretty little baubles but at the end of the day my focus, and expertise, is on what will sell at retail for your and your customers and that’s what you’ll get in the Jewelry WhiteSpace Breakdown - 2018 Holiday Package.


This is a BIG one and I’m shocked when I hear businesses relying on trend services to replace their own comp shopping and drive sales. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking trend services. They definitely have a reason for existence, but how many times have you sat through a trend presentation and find yourself saying, “pretty, but who the hell is actually going to buy this at mass?” When we talk about comp shopping we aren’t just talking finding the pretty trends – we are talking about understanding the marketplace and developing forward thinking strategies to position your business for outstanding success.


If you’ve worked in retail or wholesale for a long time there is no doubt that you’ve probably shopped the holidays many times over and done “just fine” defining whitespace opportunities for your key accounts. Unfortunately it becomes pretty commonplace to start seeing everything with a sense of “sameness” and diminished enthusiasm for the marketplace. The excitement for the holiday presentations and inspiration sometimes goes out the window, yet sometimes having a fresh set of eyes and new perspective on the overall market is all it takes to gain a renewed passion for the marketplace and ignite the creative fire in your team.


I absolutely can understand this concern, as there are many consultants out there that have never successfully managed a business. I can and my experience speaks for itself. I invite you to take a look at my "About" page to get a sense of who I am and what I stand for as a partner to you. Additionally, I operate under a few key values including customer focus. I’ve already offered you some amazing advice for free with my Free Guide and Insights and that’s just the beginning of the type of help that I can provide you and your business. I truly want each and every one of my customers to be successful and take pride in helping you achieve your goals. If you still are hesitant, I encourage you to reach out to me directly and share your specific concerns so I can put your mind at ease. 

  Jewelry WhiteSpace Breakdown - 2018 Holiday Edition

Jewelry WhiteSpace Breakdown - 2018 Holiday Edition

Order before Black Friday, & receive a 20% discount!

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