Mod. Merchant offers a range of services for designers and wholesalers whose core product categories are apparel, accessories, jewelry, or beauty and who are in need of strategy, merchandising, or product development help or support.

I specialize in identifying and maximizing whitespace for you and your brand and I want to help you, your business, and your team develop the most exciting and profitable line possible.

Below is a list of the services that I offer on both individual or retainer basis and each is customizable depending on your business’s unique needs.

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consulting services for fashion brands and wholesaler businesses

Whitespace Breakdown

Every brand lives for the finding new whitespace - new opportunities to maximize what your brand or line does best and offer it in a fresh way that the market hasn’t already covered. A good whitespace idea drives significant incremental sales and rockets your business from average to outstanding. The “Whitespace Breakdown” takes a look at your brand and line and how it compares to the marketplace and then breaks down exactly where the opportunities are, delivering new and market-relevant ideas for you and your team to chase after.

  • Review of the marketplace through competitive shopping

  • Identify key competitor’s trends and big ideas

  • Analyze key categories and styling

  • Price point analysis by competitor and by style

  • Assess strengths & weakness

  • Pinpoint whitespace opportunities & low hanging fruit

  • Define Brick &Mortar or ecom whitespace

  • Provide new program concepts that expand upon whitespace ideas

  • New program recommendations including design inspiration, assortment breakdown by style, & recommended timing and retail price points

consulting services for fashion brands and wholesaler businesses

(Re)Launch Your Line

If you are thinking about starting a brand new line or expanding your current line, “Launch Your Line” creates the foundation for your future business and gives you the clarity and tools you need to get your business up and running quickly and with ease.

  • Define your customer

  • Clarify your vision

  • Identify a strategic plan

  • Develop a custom time & action calendar

  • Price point analysis and recommendations

  • Recommend initial launch assortment and future product flows including replenishment and basic updates

  • Provide delivery recommendations

  • Strategize short and long term tactics and deliver clear and specific action points to compete in today’s marketplace

  • Offer accountability for you and your team to ensure your launch is on track

consulting services for fashion brands and wholesaler businesses

Merchandising Teardown

Sometimes brands (and their talented teams) just need an outsider’s opinion to ensure that they are maximizing their line to the fullest and “Merchandising Teardown” does just that. I’ll spend time with you and your team to review your upcoming seasonal deliveries while giving you my candid feedback on your line, whitespace opportunities, and pitch recommendations for buyers during your upcoming market appointments.

  • Assess your product line or seasonal buys and provide customized recommendations for your specific business and niche

  • Review of current sales and feedback

  • Line review and identification of product gaps and missed opportunities

  • Price point recommendations

  • Expansion concepts to maximize sales opportunities

  • Recommendation of replenishment and basic updates

  • Evaluate and strategize your assortment so that it aligns with your unique brand's goals

  • Identify your line’s unique value proposition for the season to win the hearts (and open to buy dollars) of buyers

  • Foster discussion with leadership and critical team members

consulting services for fashion brands and wholesaler businesses

Sales Analysis & Assortment Planning

Having a consistent pulse on the performance of your line is critical if you are serious about growth. Understanding your best (and sometimes worst sellers) and how to translate that data into your line is the difference between an average year and an OUTSTANDING year. The “Sales Analysis & Assortment Planning” focuses on getting back to basics and using your own data to deliver increased sales and gross margin.

  • Review current sales and key retail financial metrics at category and sku level

  • Identify best and worst selling categories and styles

  • Analyze forecasting of merchandise assortments with the eye of an expert

  • Discover underlying sales trends and provide overview of key takeaways

  • Develop benchmarks fo key metrics of future success

  • Provide data driven takeaways at the category level

  • Deliver customized go forward strategy for future buying optimization

  • Manage category lifecycles including assortment analysis, sku rationalization, and phase out recommendations

consulting services for fashion brands and wholesaler businesses

Licensing Management

If you are currently a licensor or licensee or have interest in expanding your brand to the licensing category than you’ll understand the need for strong licensing management. Depending on the size of your program you may just need the occasional chat from a knowledgeable resource or for more developed programs, ongoing support to manage your business and relationships, but regardless the “Licensing Management” service can help.

  • Identify current growth or future licensing opportunities

  • Analyze marketplace and current partnerships sales for opportunities, trends, and future whitespace recommendations

  • Create licensing strategy for partnerships to ensure that all future product and marketing initiatives align with your brand’s goals

  • Clarify and develop process for licensing business financials including goals, timing, revenue, and profit expectation

  • Develop product approval calendar and process

  • Pinpoint future distribution and channel opportunities for licensing partners and communication recommendations to team

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