Learn the business of retail and fashion to launch and scale the fashion brand you've always dreamed of.

The VIP experience was created just for you, the ambitious designer and passionate creative, who is ready to become the confident Designer CEO of your very own fashion brand. 

Ready to get started?

What would it feel like to:

Created for the fashion designer and creative entrepreneur, who is ready to become the confident Designer CEO of your very own fashion brand.
  • Be The Designer CEO that you know you've always been destined to become 

  • Transform your side hustle or hobby to your full time job and live a life you love 

  • Create a fashion business that you are passionate about and fills you up

  • Know your customers so intimately that you can design and sell exactly what they want

  • Finally showcase your talented designs to the world 

  • Understand what you need to do to launch and grow your fashion business

  • Have a plan for your brand so you know exactly how to focus your time and energy

  • Know exactly what to say and do to pitch your brand with poise

  • Feel confident about owning and managing your brand because you "get" the business side of retail and fashion

  • Reach your full potential as a designer

  • Launch the brand of your dreams that represents you and your vision 


It is all possible with 1:1 coaching and I’m 100% committed to helping you launch the line of your dreams.


Here’s why I do this:

  • I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed and confused about running a fashion brand business. When I started out as a new Assistant Buyer I was quickly thrown into it all - the terms, retail math, the abbreviations. It sounded like a foreign language to me and seemed so obvious to everyone else on my team. 

  • I know what it's like to be unsure about what you should be doing and balancing all the priorities of a fashion brand. I struggled to manage all of the responsibilities – sales recaps, inventory plans, monthly budgets and open to buys, design direction, production schedules, marketing, markdowns – the list went on and on. I'd stay late at work to get it all done only to get up early the next morning and start all over it again and feel like I'm making no progress.

  • I know what it's like to be scared about taking that leap of faith to start your own business. It's terrifying to know that your success or failure relies on your own talents and knowing that you are going to have to learn a lot FAST if you want to be successful to have the business you've always dreamed of.


Imagine what it would feel like to:

For fashion designers and creative entrepreneurs who are ready to launch their fashion brands and learn the business of retail and fashion
  • Feel confident about your business because you know exactly what you need to do

  • Be creatively fulfilled because you’re doing what you've always wanted and now are the one calling the shots about how your brand looks and what you create

  • Feel supported because you've found the expertise and resources that you need to understand the business side of retail and how to build the brand of your dreams 

  • Find a community of like-minded designers and creatives who are just like you - motivated, excited, and dedicated to building their dream business

  • Feel excited about your fashion brand because you see all its potential, know what you’re capable of achieving and are building a business that you’re proud of

  • See your vision come to life because you decided to take that big step to move your fashion business forward from dream to reality and become the Designer CEO of your own business


Now It’s Your Turn!

  • You know it's time to invest in yourself and get serious about achieving your goals

  • You want to feel like your talents are being put to good use

  • You're tired of trying to figure it out on your own and want to learn from someone who has worked with designers and creatives, understands your unique challenges, can relate to you, and encourages you to reach your goals

  • You are a creative person who has always wanted to design your own line

  • You feel like you've got the design down pat but are nervous about all the "business stuff" so you've been holding yourself back from moving forward

  • You want to quit that 9-5 job that no longer values your skills to create a business and life that fulfills you creatively and financially

You are ready to become the Designer CEO you've always dreamed of!

1 on 1 coaching for fashion designers ready to launch their fashion brand

So what’s included?

Take your pick!

The Designer CEO VIP is for fashion designers ready to launch their fashion brand
The Designer CEO Haute VIP offers 1 on 1 coaching for creative entrepreneurs ready to launch their fashion business

Let’s see if we are a good fit for each other & go over your questions.

Each session is completely customized just for you and your business to learn about the business of retail and fashion.

Here are some of the topics that will be included during our time together.

Apply NOW for a 1 on 1 coaching experience, completely customized for fashion designers and launching your fashion brand
  • Brand Clarity - I’ll help you narrow in on your brand, what it represents, and why exactly it’s so special

  • Understanding Your Competition - I’ll show you how to find your competitors’ weaknesses, giving your brand an advantage before you sketch your first design.

  • Concept Validation - I’ll show you how to validate your fashion brand concept to ensure your brand can go the distance.

  • Brand Story - I’ll help you clarify your brand story so that it aligns to your business and customer.

  • Discovering Your Customer - You’ll get to know your customer intimately that you know exactly what you need to design and what they will buy.

  • Designing a Brand that Sells - I’ll share my framework for designing a brand that will not just sell but actually be profitable.

  • Retail Math - You’ll learn retail math, understand your own business’s metrics, and know how to interpret those financials for future growth.

  • Merchandising - I’ll teach you how to assort your line and every delivery to maximize your sales and profitability

  • Line Planning - You’ll learn the basics of line planning and create your own line plan.

  • Forecasting - I’ll teach you how to forecast and share my tips for creating a forecasting process that keeps you right on track.

  • Manufacturing - You’ll learn the basics of finding the right manufacturer, what questions to ask, and exactly what to expect.

  • Negotiating - I’ll teach you the same effective negotiation tactics I used every single day to ensure you are getting the best results from retailers and manufacturers.

  • Develop Strong Business Partnerships - I’ll share my own personal tips for developing and maintaining significant business relationships.

  • Social Media & Content Strategy - You’ll develop your social media and content strategy and develop a process for your new business.

  • Channel Strategy - We’ll determine which channel(s) make sense for your brand and develop a customized roll out strategy for you and your fashion brand.

  • Get to Know Retail Buyers - Buyers can be a tough bunch. You’ll learn what buyers are looking for, what they are thinking, and exactly what to say when you reach out to buyers to land that critical appointment

  • Pitching & Selling - I’ll help you develop your pitch plan and sales tactics to land those orders!

  • Process & Calendar Management - I’ll help you figure out processes to implement that will streamline your work and develop a working calendar that keeps you and your business on track. 

  • Growing Into Your Business - You’ve launched your fashion brand! Now what’s next? We’ll discuss what to do next to see that growth continue season over season.


“What if I don’t have the money?” - For anyone who's ever thought about starting or growing their own brand, money is ALWAYS the #1 concern. Let's be real - you need to prioritize every single dollar you've got. Sure, you could spend your time googling everything that I can teach you but you'll learn very quickly that your time is far more precious than any other resource you have. I'm here to support you, help you get it all figured out, and get your business running quickly and efficiently so you can spend your time doing what you are really passionate about - designing the brand of your dreams. If money is still a concern and you don't have the funds RIGHT now to pay in full, I'm happy to offer you a payment plan. Just mention it during our discovery call and we'll figure out a plan that works for you over the next few months. 

“Why do I need this?” - You've got the design skills & talent and you've got your brand vision down, so why do you need to invest in a Business Coach? Launching and running a fashion business is hard and it's a much more significant experience than designing your own line. You've got all the creativity in the world but do you know how to review your sales, negotiate your costs, figure out your gross margin and actually understand it?? There is so much more to starting your own line than just the fun and creative design aspects and just like in anything, you need to have balance, between the creative and business aspects of your brand. Clarifying your brand, understanding the business of retail and fashion, and launching with a clear and specific plan will give you the skills and confidence to become the Designer CEO of the brand you've always dreamed of.

“What do you know about working with designers?” - I've worked with designers throughout my entire career and have many friends, both professionally and personally, who are designers. For many years I worked alongside designers and developed significant business partnerships with them to create some of the most fantastic looking, and performing product lines. I know how designers think and how to communicate effectively to get the most out of you and your business ideas. I'll teach you the business of retail and fashion so you can get clarity on your brand, product line, and business strategy.

One Final Note…

You are a talented designer or creative who has been thinking about it for what seems like forever. You’ve dreamed of it since you were young, maybe even went to design school, perhaps your 9 to 5 even is a design role, but you still aren’t feeling fulfilled.

What’s holding YOU back from taking that big step forward to launching your own brand?

Maybe you are feeling:

  • Unsure about how and where to get started

  • Overwhelmed thinking about everything you'll need to learn and do

  • Worried about having enough time to get it all done

  • OR maybe you've already started, have hit a couple walls, and are now feeling a bit frustrated or defeated.

It's absolutely normal to feel all of these feelings and then some. Whatever your challenges, I can assure you that you don't have to do it all alone.

When I first started my own business, I had a constant sense of being alone. It was unexpected and staggering to me and it wasn't until I started reaching out for help - hiring my own business coach - I started to feel relief.

With her help, I was able to clarity for my own vision. I stopped spiraling with unnecessary tasks and worries and instead started taking meaningful action. I started to see the bigger pieces come together and understand what I needed to do to keep moving forward. I had the support of someone who had been there before and was sharing what they had learned over many years.

All this was all wonderful, but my biggest relief was having a partner. A person and resource who cared about my success and understood what I was going through. It was the biggest and best game changer for my own business and it's what I want to offer you.

So whether you went to design school, are self-taught, or a passionate creative who is ready to launch or grow your own line, I’m here to be your go-to partner for navigating the business of retail and fashion and finally make that dream of having your own fashion business a reality.