• Not getting the results you want for your business?

  • Struggling to remain competitive?

  • Worried about how to get or keep your business profitable?

  • Not sure what direction to take to move your business forward?

Retail has gone from 0 to 60...

and has left you spinning as you try to keep up. It seems like every day you are hearing about new competition and market changes. On top of it, your business has it's own unique set of goals to achieve. 

You are feeling:

  • Unsure of where to focus your business and what to do next

  • Stuck figuring out which direction to take for your brand and products

  • Confused about how to grow in this environment

  • Frustrated by today’s retail market and uncertain how your business fits into it

  • Clueless about how to be not just relevant, but compete

So you revert back to your old retail ways, grasping to what used to work but now your business is suffering for it. You're unclear on where the retail market is headed and overwhelmed by what to do that will help move your business forward.

Mod. Merchant can help your business find clarity and get refocused on driving sales and profitability while providing you with a real course of action to making it happen with our 60 minute "Strategy Action Session"

What Will We Accomplish in Your Strategy Action Session?  

During this 60 minute phone call we will:

  • Discuss the status of your current business and analyze the key area or category that is in most need of strategic direction and action

  • Identify a clear and specific strategy to solve your business’s specific problems areas

  • Develop a gameplan that makes sense for your business

  • Create a specific action plan for your business to see impressive returns quickly

Who Will Benefit from a Strategy Action Session?

mod. merchant helps:

  • RETAILERS including traditional Brick & Mortar or E-commerce, whose category focus include apparel, accessories, or home categories

  • WHOLESALERS that work with retailers or sell direct to consumers whose category or product focus include apparel, accessories, or home categories

  • Those struggling to develop a strategy and an execution plan for their business, specifically buying and merchandising, product development, and product branding or licensing

  • Retailers or wholesalers that wants to gain a competitive advantage over their competition

  • Those frustrated with the unknowns in the retail market and have a desire to get clear on their next moves to deliver big impacts, and profitability, for their business

What You'll Get During Your Strategy Action Session?

We'll give you everything you need to ensure your success:

  • EXPERTISE - 1 on 1 access to an experienced merchant and product manager with over a decade of expertise creating and executing strategy

  • CUSTOMIZATION - A personalized session that is 100% dedicated to solving your business needs, addressing your specific challenges, and discovering your next big opportunity.

  • SUPPORT - An environment to share the challenges that continue to plague your business, hold you back, or keep you up at night

  • PARTNERSHIP - A partner who has been there before and that “gets it” to help you tackle the challenges in your business, make sense of it all, and figure out your next strategic move

  • GAME PLAN - A clear step by step action plan to execute your strategy and bring your vision to life

  • TOOLS - A robust recap including discussion notes, your new strategy, and gameplan to achieve success

  • TIME - You’ll stop procrastinating because you aren’t sure what to do and finally start taking action

  • HONESTY – I won’t sugarcoat it for you or just tell you what I think you want to hear. If you are ready to book this session, you must be ready to take a serious look at your business and do the work to get your business back on track.




Are you ready to figure out the next big strategy and game-plan for your business to grow sales and increase profitability?

So What Are You Waiting For?

I want to make it easy for you to decide to invest in your business with a Strategy Action Session so let me address a few hesitations that you may be having to put your mind at ease.


I truly am so happy that you are doing well with your business. It’s great to hear that you are doing “fine” but think about how it would feel to be doing “amazing” with “huge sales year over year”, “increased sales margins” and a game plan for how to keep the momentum going. Strategy is THE game changer for any business serious about growing their brand. 


If you’ve worked in retail or wholesale for a long time there is no doubt that you’ve probably been able to create great strategies and implement them. However the retail world is much different than it was in the past and there are a lot of new and exciting strategies to implement for your brand. The customer keeps getting younger and is constantly finding new ways to shop, new technology to use, and social media to share. These market shifts are non-stop and overwhelming but that’s exactly what Mod. Merchant focuses on. We are a partner to you and offer another point of view, leveraging your past experience with our fresh perspective to create modern strategies that will move your business ahead.


I absolutely can understand this concern, as there are many consultants out there that have never successfully managed a business. I can and my experience speaks for itself. I invite you to take a look at my "About" page to get a sense of who I am and what I stand for as a partner to you. Additionally, I operate under a few key values including customer focus. I’ve already offered you some amazing advice for free with my Free Guide and Insights and that’s just the beginning of the type of help that I can provide you and your business. I truly want each and every one of my customers to be successful and take pride in helping you achieve your goals. If you still are hesitant, I encourage you to reach out to me directly and share your specific concerns so I can put your mind at ease. 




So what are you waiting for?

Book your 60 minute Strategy Action Session now to get your strategy and game-plan back on track and increase your sales and profitability.