Welcome to The Designer CEO Podcast

Welcome to The Designer CEO Podcast

If you are:

  • Thinking about launching your own brand

  • Feeling confused about how to get started and what to do first

  • Wondering how the fashion and retail industries actually work

  • Wishing you had a partner to take care of all the “business and strategy stuff”

  • Or ready to scale your line and take it next level?

Then get ready to listen up and tune in!

Each week The Designer CEO Podcast will bring you brand and retail strategies, merchandising how-to’s, organization and productivity tips, and business and professional advice simplified for Designer CEOs who are ready to make their dream of launching their own line a reality. Along the way you’ll hear insider tips from those who have “made it” in the fashion industry, including industry execs, entrepreneurs, and fellow designers who’ve successfully launched their lines.

Your host Sarah Ferrence, is the founder and CEO of Mod. Merchant - a coaching and consulting company that helps designers, creatives, & brands launch and grow their line from startup to mega-brand status. She’ll share business and professional advice just for YOU! --- Designer CEOs who are ready to launch the line they’ve always dreamed of.

You've got lots of different options for podcasts as an entrepreneur, and only a limited time to listen so let’s just cut right to the chase about why you are gonna want to tune in. Aside from all the fantastic content, you'll also get REAL talk. There's no sugarcoating here, just the plain and simple honest truth about what it takes to be a creative entrepreneur, and build your dream business.

The goal of The Designer CEO Podcast is to help you connect all the dots to see the big picture of what it takes to for your fashion brand to thrive. Sarah is here to be your go-to resource for navigating the retail business, help you master all that "business stuff", and support you as you launch the line of your dreams.

Have a question for The Designer CEO Podcast? 

Is there something you’ve been struggling with as you launch or grow your fashion brand?

I want to hear from you!

Ask your business related questions, about Mod. Merchant, the retail industry, or Sarah and you may just hear the answer on an upcoming episode!