16 Ways to Boost Your Creativity

16 Ways To Boost Your Creativity

For those inevitable days when you are feeling creatively stuck or burned out…

We’ve all been there.

Every creative person knows that some days you are cruising through your work, ideas are coming from every direction, your vision is just popping and clicking right along, and you are feeling so excited and passionate about what you are creating. Those days make you love the work you are doing, feel confident that you can take on any project with ease, and generally on top of the world!

And then there’s those OTHER days…

Those days where you stare at your project all day long, put in tons of hours and focus, and just can’t get your creative mojo flowing. You end up doing and redoing the simplest of tasks in search of perfection, questioning every decision you’ve made, and ultimately make pretty minimal progress on it. Eventually you reach that final frustrating point. You know what i mean - that feeling of being creatively STUCK - leaving you bored, tired, and generally just apathetic about getting it finished. It’s creative burnout - that “meh” feeling that leaves you without any inspiration or motivation to keep you on task.

It’s a miserable feeling and happens to the best of us.

But that’s just not going to work Designer CEOs -- your creativity is your money maker and is what makes you and your brand well….YOU! And there’s no time for this nonsense, you need to get back to it - fostering inspiration through your business and vision, brainstorming next season’s collection, and designing the line you’ve always dreamed of. So we need to get those creative juices flowing again STAT!

In this episode I’m sharing my favorite ways to boost your creativity and covering 16 different ideas that you can do RIGHT NOW to re-energize yourself and help you when you are feeling creatively stuck so you can move past your burnout, start creating again, and get back to business.

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