How To Contact A Retail Buyer To Get Your Fashion Line Purchased

The Designer CEO Podcast - how to contact a retail buyer to get your fashion line purchased

Does that idea of reaching out to a retail buyer and pitching your line sound overwhelming to you?

Or maybe even a little scary?

“How do I approach retail stores to sell my products?”, is hands down one of the questions I get asked most frequently by Designer CEOs because there’s a lot of unknowns and even more on the line. They are unsure of where to begin and what what to include and left wondering:

  • “How do I reach out to a retail buyer?”

  • “What should I include in my pitch?”

  • “How do I get my fashion brand noticed and actually bought?”

Designer CEOs aren’t sure about how to pitch retail buyers and so often end up going through a lot of trial and error before they reach any success or even worse - put it off completely.

Not to mention, your initial pitch is your first impression with a retail buyer and a well executed pitch can mean the difference between booking your first wholesale order OR simply hearing crickets. (#nopressure)

So this episode of The Designer CEO Podcast is dedicated to helping you overcome your fear by sharing exactly how to reach out to buyers and what to communicate to ensure that your fashion brand gets that buyer’s attention.

These recommendations are coming straight from the source. During my days as a product manager and licensing manager, I received countless pitches, from Designer CEOs just like you - brand new and eager to get their fashion line in retailers. I often made the decision between yay or nay so I know exactly what buyers’ are looking for when they are considering a new brand.

You’ll hear the best tried and true methods for first contact including:

  • My recommendation for the best channel to approach retail buyers

  • Exactly how to structure and what to include in your pitch to get that buyer’s attention

  • And I’ve even included a few “BONUS” recommendations for you to try to make sure your brand stands out.  

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