Q&A: Opening a Brick & Mortar, Getting Started With Instagram, & Defining Your Competition

Designer CEO q and a brick & mortar, instagram, and defining your competition

Hear answers to the questions that Designer CEOs just like YOU have been wondering about.

I recently co-hosted a “How To Start A Line” speaking event including a Q&A session. We had so many fantastic questions from Designer CEOs that I had to share.  

On this episode, you’ll hear answers to the questions that you’ve been wondering about including…

  • As a designer is it worth it to open a brick and mortar store?

  • How do I get started with Instagram? I know that I need to be posting but don’t know what to be posting for my fashion brand.

  • I plan to launch my fashion brand with an online presence only. When researching my competitors should i only be thinking about other designers with similar products online? Should I be concerned with my competitors locally or on a national level?

I’ll share my advice and get you Designer CEOs the answers you’ve been looking for so you can launch, grow, or scale your fashion brand now.

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