The Brimful Life Podcast - Interview with Sarah Ferrence CROSSOVER EPISODE

Beth Ridley, Host of The Brimful Life Podcast Interview With Sarah Ferrence - Crossover Episode

I’m so excited to share this week’s episode with you because I’m the one being interviewed!

Since I launched The Designer CEO Podcast, I’ve been sharing advice on the business of retail and fashion and offering how-to’s, strategy ideas, and interviews for fashion brands and Designer CEOs but I haven't told you too much about myself or my own journey. 

And I’m so excited to share this week’s episode with you because I’m the one being interviewed! 

My friend Beth Ridley recently made the move to entrepreneurship and launched her own content and consulting company The Brimful Life and her podcast “The Brimful Life Podcast”, where she shares stories and advice from people who will inspire you to never settle in your pursuit to live fully. 

When Beth invited me to be a guest on her podcast I was absolutely thrilled to chat with her about my very own entrepreneurial adventure in this very special crossover episode. 

I’m finally sharing MY entrepreneurial origin story so if you’ve ever been curious about why and how I started Mod. Merchant, now’s your chance to hear it. I’m telling Beth all about the lessons I’ve learned and practical tips that have helped me embrace and thrive in my new entrepreneurial life. I’m sharing my “why” for quitting my corporate job on a Monday to become an entrepreneur, the challenges that I’ve faced and how I’m achieving success by learning to maintain a positive mental mindset, letting go of perfection, and pushing myself to try new things and meet new people.  

Join Beth and I on this special crossover episode of The Brimful Life Podcast’s Interview with yours truly!

The Designer CEO Podcast Beth Ridley of The Brimful Life Podcast

Beth Ridley is the founder of The Brimful Life, a content and consulting company offering creative and impactful strategies and solutions that deepen relationships with customers and employees in order to increase brand loyalty, retention, productivity and sales. Want to learn more about Beth and The Brimful Life? Click HERE!


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