From Side Hustle to Bride Hustle with Amanda Ergen - Jennings, Designer CEO of Love Lives Here Bridal

I’m thrilled to be chatting with Amanda Ergen - Jennings, Designer CEO of Love Lives Here Bridal, a bridal gown design and production studio based in Milwaukee, WI. She has combined her passion for creating garments from scratch and 15 years of corporate product development and technical design experience with her genuine love for her hometown to build a bridal brand focused on bringing a high-quality, artisan-focused approach to local manufacturing.

Join Amanda and I as we discuss her journey - from design school to quitting her corporate design role to owner of her very own bridal gown brand. You’ll also hear tons of entrepreneurial advice, her take on balancing work life and family life, and a few  words of wisdom and motivation specifically for new Designer CEOs.

Getting Started With Manufacturing With Kelly Mutsch

Do you know how to find a manufacturer for your fashion brand? What to prepare before your very first meeting? What questions to anticipate from a manufacturer? What hidden costs to expect when you are just getting started? Knowing what to expect will ensure that you are discovering and developing the best partner for you and your fashion brand.

In this episode I’m chatting with Kelly Mutsch who knows the in’s and out’s of the apparel manufacturing process and will be sharing exactly what you need to think about and prepare before you begin a relationship with a 3rd party manufacturer. We’ll cover finding the right manufacturer, what services you can expect from a manufacturer, some of the biggest mistakes to avoid, and how to manage expectations of your new partnership.