Getting Started With Your Content Strategy with Sara Meadows

For 17 years, Sara Meadows has teamed up with businesses to create copy that drives action and awareness. She is the Founder of Match Point Consultants, a copywriting and content strategy boutique and co founder of The Edit Effect, which are tools to help small businesses simplify content, copy planning, and creation. Sara’s robust experience in communications, marketing, and social media is bar none and I was absolutely delighted when she agreed to be a guest on The Designer CEO Podcast and share her perspective and business tips specifically for Designer CEOs.

Join us as Sara shares advice for creating your content strategy, the most common mistakes she sees fashion brands making as they are just getting started, time management tips so content planning doesn’t take over your life, and the important role YOU play in sharing the story of your brand in this episode “Getting Started With Your Content Strategy With Sara Meadows”.

Building A Fashion Brand Based in Passion & Intuition With Katherine Gramann, Designer CEO of Lake Effect Co.

After growing up in the Lake Country area, just 30 miles west of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Katherine successfully launched her very own lifestyle brand Lake Effect Co. - a retail brand and blog that encourages you to connect with the beauty and adventure of nature, through time by the water. Lake Effect Co. is not only where to buy items that embody your lake life love, it's also a community to connect with others who feel similarly through their blog, social channels, and in-person events.

Join Katherine and I as she shares her journey and experiences as an entrepreneur, how she listens to her intuition to make strategic decisions, and fearlessly forges new opportunities as she leads her brand like a boss in today’s episode: “Building A Fashion Brand Based in Passion & Intuition with Katherine Gramann, Designer CEO of Lake Effect Co.”

Networking For Introverts: Expert Tips from An Extrovert

If you are an introvert, you know the unspeakable horror of of networking. What seems like an innocent evening of meeting new people and simple conversation suddenly becomes a painful and torturous ordeal. 

Much of my networking success was from fantastic advice and tips from Doug Howard. He is a master of networking, genuinely loves people, and is a true extrovert in every sense of the word…but his advice to introverts isn’t what you’d expect. 

Join us as we discuss the differences between networking styles, tips specifically for introverts, and how you can use your strengths to make the most of your networking experiences. So stay tuned for my interview with “introvert whisperer” Doug Howard on this episode - Networking For Introverts: Expert Tips from An Extrovert.

The Brimful Life Podcast - Interview with Sarah Ferrence CROSSOVER EPISODE

I’m finally sharing MY entrepreneurial origin story so if you’ve ever been curious about why and how I started Mod. Merchant, now’s your chance to hear it. I’m telling Beth Ridley, host of The Brimful Life Podcast, all about the lessons I’ve learned and practical tips that have helped me embrace and thrive in my new entrepreneurial life. I’m sharing my “why” for quitting my corporate job on a Monday to become an entrepreneur, the challenges that I’ve faced and how I’m achieving success by learning to maintain a positive mental mindset, letting go of perfection, and pushing myself to try new things and meet new people.  

Join Beth and I on this special crossover episode of The Brimful Life Podcast’s Interview with yours truly - Sarah Ferrence!

Sacrificing for Sustainability with Laura Bavlnka, Designer CEO of Bavlnka Brand

Laura Bavlnka is the Designer CEO of Bavlnka Brand, a lifestyle brand of clothing, accessories, and home decor designed and crafted by in Milwaukee, WI. Laura’s love of natural fibers and one-of-a kind textiles inspired her to launch her sustainable line and are featured throughout her clothing line. She dyes, paints, and embroiders her materials and turns them into wearables and special wall art pieces.

Join us as Laura shares the journey of Bavlnka Brand, her unconventional path to entrepreneurship, the need for sustainability in fashion today and how that impacts her brand, the sacrifices she’s made to bring her vision to life and of course words of wisdom specifically for Designer CEOs in today’s episode, “Sacrificing for Sustainability with Laura Bavlnka, Designer CEO of Bavlnka Brand” 

From Side Hustle to Bride Hustle with Amanda Ergen - Jennings, Designer CEO of Love Lives Here Bridal

I’m thrilled to be chatting with Amanda Ergen - Jennings, Designer CEO of Love Lives Here Bridal, a bridal gown design and production studio based in Milwaukee, WI. She has combined her passion for creating garments from scratch and 15 years of corporate product development and technical design experience with her genuine love for her hometown to build a bridal brand focused on bringing a high-quality, artisan-focused approach to local manufacturing.

Join Amanda and I as we discuss her journey - from design school to quitting her corporate design role to owner of her very own bridal gown brand. You’ll also hear tons of entrepreneurial advice, her take on balancing work life and family life, and a few  words of wisdom and motivation specifically for new Designer CEOs.

Getting Started With Manufacturing With Kelly Mutsch

Do you know how to find a manufacturer for your fashion brand? What to prepare before your very first meeting? What questions to anticipate from a manufacturer? What hidden costs to expect when you are just getting started? Knowing what to expect will ensure that you are discovering and developing the best partner for you and your fashion brand.

In this episode I’m chatting with Kelly Mutsch who knows the in’s and out’s of the apparel manufacturing process and will be sharing exactly what you need to think about and prepare before you begin a relationship with a 3rd party manufacturer. We’ll cover finding the right manufacturer, what services you can expect from a manufacturer, some of the biggest mistakes to avoid, and how to manage expectations of your new partnership.