When To Take Customer Feedback

When To Take Customer Feedback

Have you ever received unsolicited feedback or criticism about your fashion brand or collection?…. 

Maybe it was from a customer sharing how the style they purchased wasn’t exactly what they were hoping for and that they wished X,Y, & Z could be incorporated because THAT would make it absolutely perfect.

Or it was a wholesale or retail buyer comparing your line to another brand’s and commenting that if you would just make all these few changes to your recent collection, it would definitely sell better. 

It could be your best friend talking about their favorite styles for the upcoming season and encouraging you to create a few trendier pieces in next collection drop. 

After you received feedback from them what were you left thinking? Did it make you question your most recent strategy or upcoming collection? Or even worse - your overall design direction or brand itself?

Being the head decision maker as a Designer CEO isn’t always the easiest and working alone can lead to questioning and self doubt. You’ve got lots of opinions coming from every direction and it’s your responsibility to determine which ones are valid and will benefit your business versus those that are unmerited and may actually damage your brand or business. Knowing when to listen to your commentators and how to find balance for your future strategies and business will ensure that you are making the BEST decisions for you and your brand. 

In this episode I’m sharing my own personal experiences and challenges with managing unsolicited feedback, the key contention points you need to be considering before making any significant business decisions, and what to always keep in mind when determining your next strategic move to determine if you should listen to your commentators or stay the course in this episode, “When to Take Customer Feedback”.

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