Building A Fashion Brand Based in Passion & Intuition With Katherine Gramann, Designer CEO of Lake Effect Co.

Building A Fashion Brand Based in Passion and Intuition with Katherine Gramann Designer CEO of Lake Effect Co.

If you’ve been dreaming about quitting your 9 to 5 to start you own fashion brand but feeling hopelessly frustrated that your dream may never become a reality - then listen up.

This episode I am chatting with fellow ladypreneur, nature lover, and spirited soul - Katherine Gramann - Designer CEO of Lake Effect Co.

Katherine and I met about a year and a half ago and we quickly connected over our mutual love of retail and the great outdoors. As she told me Lake Effect Co. and her own entrepreneurial journey of where the brand has been and where she hopes to take it I was struck by how she weaves her passion for lake living into her brand, creating a community and authentic customer connections. 

After growing up in the Lake Country area, just 30 miles west of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Katherine successfully launched her very own lifestyle brand Lake Effect Co. - a retail brand and blog that encourages you to connect with the beauty and adventure of nature, through time by the water. Lake Effect Co. is not only where to buy items that embody your lake life love, it's also a community to connect with others who feel similarly through their blog, social channels, and in-person events.

Katherine is the epitome and manifestation of her brand. She lives and breathes for lake living and has created a brand where she is often her own core customer. She follows her intuition and own experiences to develop creative and relevant brand strategies including seasonal pop up shops and other curated events that will not only resonate with her customer base but also continue to deepen her connection to her customers. 

Join Katherine and I as she shares her journey and experiences as an entrepreneur, how she listens to her intuition to make strategic decisions, and fearlessly forges new opportunities as she leads her brand like a boss in today’s episode: “Building A Fashion Brand Based in Passion & Intuition with Katherine Gramann, Designer CEO of Lake Effect Co.”

The Designer CEO Podcast Katherine Gramann of Lake Effect Co.

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