Getting Started With Your Content Strategy with Sara Meadows

Getting Started With Your Content Strategy with Sara Meadows of The Edit Effect and MatchPoint Consultants

Tired of trying to find the time to create a content strategy for your fashion brand only to feel like you just keep spinning your wheels?

Then listen up!

I’m so excited to be chatting with Sara Meadows - Founder of Match Point Consultants, a copywriting and content strategy boutique and co founder of The Edit Effect, which are tools to help small businesses simplify content, copy planning, and creation. 

For 17 years, Sara has teamed up with businesses to create copy that drives action and awareness. From marketing to internal communications to public relations, she has tons of experience to turn ideas into words that make an impact. She’s worked with large Fortune 500 businesses, helping them cut through the clutter as well as small businesses make their debut.

She is passionate about helping other female entrepreneurs grow their businesses and after working with small business owners, and being one herself, she was inspired her to launch her newest business partnership - The Edit Effect. Entrepreneurs have limited resources and busy family lives and The Edit Effect offers tools to help you plan, create and simplify your content and copy, with the foundational belief that less can actually be more and quality is always better than quantity.

Sara and I met over the summer and quickly realized that not only do we share a name and live in the same neighborhood but we both love helping small business owners bring their visions to life. Sara’s robust experience in communications, marketing, and social media is bar none and I was absolutely delighted when she agreed to be a guest on The Designer CEO Podcast and share her perspective and business tips specifically for Designer CEOs. 

Join us as Sara shares advice for creating your content strategy, the most common mistakes she sees fashion brands making as they are just getting started, time management tips so content planning doesn’t take over your life, and the important role YOU play in sharing the story of your brand in this episode “Getting Started With Your Content Strategy With Sara Meadows”.

The Designer CEO Podcast Sara Meadows of The Edit Effect & MatchPoint Consultants

Sara Meadows is founder of Match Point Consultants, a copywriting boutique, and co-founder of The Edit Effect, tools and consulting to help small business plan, create and simplify content. As a small business owner and mom trying to do all the things, she has a passion for helping other women entrepreneurs grow and simplify their businesses.

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