From Side Hustle to Bride Hustle with Amanda Ergen - Jennings, Designer CEO of Love Lives Here Bridal

From Side Hustle to Bride Hustle with Amanda Ergen - Jennings, Designer CEO of Love Lives Here Bridal

If you’ve been dreaming about quitting your 9 to 5 to start you own fashion brand but feeling hopelessly frustrated that your dream may never become a reality - then listen up.

I’m thrilled to be chatting with a good friend of mine, Amanda Ergen-Jennings, Designer CEO of Love Lives Here Bridal.

Amanda and I met over a decade ago when we were both grinding our way up the corporate ladder at The Bon-Ton Store Group. We were learning the ropes in product development and finding our footing but quickly bonded over our mutual dreams of entrepreneurship. But as I put my dream on the back-burner until “later” and spent my evenings and weekends hanging out with my friends and generally avoiding too much responsibility (as 22 year olds do), Amanda was moving forward with making her dream come true. She started her first brand 15 years ago as side hustle and worked day and night to quit her corporate design job and make it a full time reality.  

Today, Amanda Ergen-Jennings is the Designer & Owner of Love Lives Here, a bridal gown design and production studio based in Milwaukee, WI.

She has combined her life-long passion for creating garments from scratch and 15 years of corporate product development and technical design experience with her genuine love for her hometown to build a bridal brand focused on bringing a high-quality, artisan-focused approach to local manufacturing.

Join Amanda and I as we discuss her journey - from design school to quitting her corporate design role to now owner of her very own bridal gown brand. You’ll also hear tons of entrepreneurial advice, her take on balancing work life and family life, and a few  words of wisdom and motivation specifically for new Designer CEOs.

The Designer CEO Podcast Amanda Ergen-Jennings of Love Lives Here Bridal

Interested in learning more about Love Lives Here Bridal?

Visit the website Love Lives Here Bridal, follow their journey on Instagram @lovelivesherebridal, or you can reach them an email at


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