Retail Rundown: Holiday Edition

This week’s post is Part 5 of a multi part series on the 2017 Holiday Season.  Over the next few weeks, we will feature a range of topics focused on driving sales, strategies, and trends. For Part 1 in the series, click HERE , for Part 2 in the series, click HERE, for Part 3 in the series, click HERE, and for Part 4 in the series, click HERE.

Here are this week's favorite articles, with a little holiday flair, from around the web.  Ranging from retail news, management insights and trends, and a few to make your life a little easier during this crazy time of year. 

  1. Gorgeous holiday beauty packaging to give you some next year inspo

  2. Tips on how to relieve that holiday work stress that we are all experiencing

  3. Are your online orders purchased? ...because UPS still isn't ready for them

  4. Attention all bosses! - Gift ideas your employees actually want

  5. Grinch Bots are stealing Christmas!

  6. Book recommendations to get you ready to take on 2018 and have an amazing year

  7. Millennial and Gen Z holiday shopping insights

  8. The shopping app that everyone has wanted at some point in their life is finally here

  9. Take the time to be grateful for your stellar coworkers and find happiness at work this holiday season

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