Vlog: How to Tackle Strategic Planning: Learn the Why, the How, and the What

Last week Mod. Merchant officially launched it's new Facebook Live vlog series, in partnership with Right Hand Business Coach, focused on helping entrepreneurs and businesses discover strategies and new opportunities to grow their business and flourish. 

To kick it off, we featured a 3 part mini-series entitled "How to Tackle Strategic Planning: Learn the Why, the How, and the What", and we chatted about strategic planning and the many wonderful, but sometimes challenging aspects of developing your strategies. Here are the videos for you to enjoy featuring our discussions, and slightly comical technical difficulties. (We will get better, I promise.) 

Episode 1: "the Why"

  • What is a strategy?

  • Who can benefit from a strategy?

  • Is this something entrepreneurs can do on their own?

  • When do you decide its time to create a strategy?

  • Largest hurdle to overcome before deciding to create and implement a strategy?

How to Tackle Strategic Planning: Learn the Why

Episode 2: "the How"

  • How do you start tackling a strategy?

  • What types of topics are good for strategy creation?

  • What types of tools and resources are needed when planning strategy?

  • Biggest misconceptions when creating a strategy?

  • What are some challenges that you can anticipate when creating a strategy?

How to Tackle Strategic Planning: Learn the How

Episode 3: "the What"

  • How do you track your process and stay on track?

  • How do you measure the success of a strategy?

  • How do you celebrate a successful strategy?

  • Your strategy isn’t performing as anticipated, how do you reevaluate & realign?

  • How do you remain motivated when a strategy didn't provide the results you had hoped for?

  • Why is it important to learn from both the successes and failures in strategy creation?

How to Tackle Strategic Planning: Learn the What


Strategy isn't always the easiest part of business planning but it definitely doesn't have to be the hardest part. Remaining focused and consistent, with a willingness to reevaluate your strategy if it isn't going quite as planned, will absolutely lead you towards achieving your goals. (Or if after you've watched this vlog series and still need a little help creating and executing your business's strategies, Contact us for help.)  

I hope you enjoyed our first few episodes in our new vlog and I look forward to you joining us on Facebook LIVE for our future episodes airing on Tuesdays at 1:30 CDT. If you miss out on the LIVE broadcasts, you can find episodes saved on our Mod. Merchant Facebook Videos page. We are looking for your feedback, so please comment below and let me know your thoughts on the new vlog and topics you would enjoy hearing us discuss in the future.     

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