7 Ways To Re-use Your Social Media Content & Maximize Your Fashion Brand's Pinterest Strategy

Creating a Pinterest strategy is a great organic marketing tactic for your fashion brand because when done with a little planning and consistency, you’ll increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, and generate more sales. But I often hear from clients that they are hesitant to start a Pinterest strategy for their fashion brand because they are worried about is being able to create enough content to keep the Pinterest engine moving. Here are 7 ideas to re-use the content (that you are probably already creating for your fashion brand), and start maximizing it as part of your Pinterest strategy.

Inside The Mind Of A Retail Buyer

As a retail buyer’s wholesale partner, it’s important for designers to understand why buyers think the way they do and identify opportunities to bridge commonalities. By understanding a retail buyer’s business perspective and expectations, you’ll know how to create and cater the perfect pitch to land those wholesale accounts.

So I'm breaking down the top 5 common personality traits of retail buyers so you know what you can expect and what that means for you and your fashion business when you pitch or partner with them.

The Basics on Basics - Why Replenishment Programs Are The Foundation Of Your Business

Not developing a customized replenishment program for your business - whether it’s brick or mortar, online, or a combination of both - is an absolute miss for your business. You are leaving sales and margin on the table.

This week’s post is going deep on replenishment – What is it? Why you need it? And how to get it launched to start rolling in the dollars.

Vlog: Mastering the Art of Being Uncomfortable

Every business owner and entrepreneur has to learn how to how overcome that annoying and constant feeling of being uncomfortable in their role and decisions. 

It never goes away fully but there are ways to minimize this feeling and to turn it into a motivator.

Join us for this week’s vlog where we discuss "Mastering the Art of Being Uncomfortable".

Vlog: Make The Most of Your Email Campaign

Subject: Want To Maximize Your Email Campaigns?

To: Email Campaign Novices  
From: Your Favorite Gal for Business Driving Tips

Watch this week’s vlog where we discuss email campaigns - how to get started with developing your email strategies, what works and what doesn't, and what we've learned during our own campaigns.


Mod. Merchant

Vlog: Keeping An Eye On The Big Picture

Vlog: Keeping An Eye On The Big Picture

It's so easy to get distracted in the weeds of your everyday business and life. Emails, phone calls, meetings - they all add up and can take away from your focus on the big ideas, strategies, and next moves that will make meaningful strides to your bottom line. 

This week on the vlog, Lauren and I discuss the common distractions that everyone encounters and how to remain focused on what really matters and that will make big changes in your business with an episode entitled "Keeping An Eye On The Big Picture".

Vlog: Facebook Live 101

Vlog: Facebook Live 101

As many of you know we go live every Tuesday at 1:30 CDT on Facebook Live. While Lauren and I try to make it look as seamless as possible, it took quite a bit of research and a LOT of practice before we were ready go LIVE. On this week's vlog - "Facebook Live 101" we share what we've learned so far and how it can help your business!

8 Considerations for Developing Stronger Business Relationships

8 Considerations for Developing Stronger Business Relationships

This week's Insights shares key points that will provide you with a fresh perspective on building & strengthening your business relationships, as well as motivation to start (or continue) connecting and networking, and a simple reminder of the importance of reaching out to say "hi".