Vlog: Facebook Live 101

I can't believe that I've been blogging now for almost seven months. Lauren from Right Hand Business Coach and began our vlogging partnership in January and we are both so proud to share our experience and expertise while helping entrepreneurs and businesses discover strategies and new opportunities to grow their business and flourish. 

As many of you know we go live every Tuesday at 1:30 CDT on Facebook Live. While Lauren and I try to make it look as seamless as possible, it took quite a bit of research and a LOT of practice before we were ready go LIVE. It is an easy to use channel but we've definitely learned quite a bit - and are still learning - how to leverage Facebook Live. On this week's vlog - "Facebook Live 101" we share what we've learned so far and how it can help your business!


Facebook Live is a channel that every retailer or wholesaler should be leveraging to expand their reach, engage customers, and build brand loyalty.

Not sure where to start and what to feature? Below I've listed a few of my favorite Facebook Live ideas that retailers and wholesalers can use to reach their fans and grow their brand.

  • Showcase new merchandise about to ship or in store & share what it looks like and why you love it.

  • Go live from a buying event, market appointment, or fashion show to get your customers excited about upcoming merchandise and trends.

  • Host a Q&A with customers to answer questions about your brand, product, or yourself.

  • Let employees take the reins with a "Day in the Life Of" segment, giving them the chance to let their personality shine and adding a human element.

  • Offer tutorials featuring your product, showcasing how to use it, and sharing it's features and benefits.

  • Host a live giveaway to engage customers with real time participation.

  • Announce exciting new products or partnerships.

  • Give a live tour of your headquarters, factory, or warehouse and give behind the scenes access.

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